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Gallatin Valley Botanical is a small farm in Bozeman, Montana dedicated to organic production of high quality produce. We started our farm with a shared love of each other, eating well, and the earth and have been providing beautiful fresh produce to our community since 2003.

We sell our produce to restaurants and to Bozeman area farmers markets on a year round basis and have June to February vegetable CSA seasons as well as a Whole Farm CSA that includes everything we produce on farm: Year round vegetables, flower bouquets, a half pig, a whole lamb, honey, eggs,  and more.  Contact us directly for more details .

We work with nature to maintain soil fertility and balance insect pest problems, using crop rotation, beneficial insect attracting plantings, composted manure, and cover crops. Our produce is planted, picked, and washed by ourselves, CSA working members, and farm hands who are working with us to learn about small scale, direct market farming. We are continually working towards a financially and ecologically sustainable farm that can help feed our neighbors and build a community. Every year, we plan for a wide variety of clean, healthy, fresh veggies to be delivered weekly to neighborhoods in Bozeman, West Yellowstone, and Big Sky. Pick-up at the farm is also available.

Diversity is crucial to our success, in crop planning and in marketing. We grow up to 100 varieties of produce and market them to a 200 family summer CSA, a 100 family winter CSA, at least twelve enlightened restaurants, the Community Food Coop, and one summer and one winter farmers market in Bozeman.

Seasonal Produce:  However you get your produce from us, click below to get a glimpse of what we are growing for you in this 2018 season!

2018 GVB CSA Produce List