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Welcome to Gallatin Valley Botanical!

Gallatin Valley Botanical is a certified organic farm in Bozeman, Montana run by Matt & Jacy Rothschiller. We are located 3 miles east of Bozeman on the fertile bottomlands of Rocky Creek Farm. We’ve been growing produce for our community in Bozeman since 2003 and were fortunate enough to start working our own soil in 2008. We are cultivating around 20 acres and have planted it in a diverse array of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits. Cover cropping, underseeding, beneficial insect attracting plantings, crop rotations, soil testing, and observation all help us to maintain and monitor our soil fertility, insect and weed pressure, and overall farm health. Diversity is crucial to our success, in crop planning and in marketing. We grow up to 100 varieties of produce and market them to summer and winter CSAs, twelve enlightened restaurants, the Community Food Coop, and one summer and one winter farmers market in Bozeman.